Martin Flubber Dsouza – The Award-Winning International Clown

Flubber travelled across India with his team of International Clowns

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Do you know about the biggest event that happens almost every year? NO?! Okay, let me fill you in!


The International Clown Festival is an annual festival that aims to showcase the art of clowning while providing a fun and engaging experience for attendees of all ages. It is a gathering of International Clowns from across the Globe. 

The purpose of the festival is to showcase and promote the art of international clowning in India. Through clowning we aim to bring high quality family entertainment to kids and adults.


Last year in the Months of September and October, the festival conducted their 9th Edition of the International Clown festival that took place in 5 cities: Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore & Mumbai. With clowns from the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Singapore and Japan. Each show was filled with laughter, fun, excitement, magic and so much more than you can imagine!


This year, 2024 will be our 10th EDITION of the International Clown Festival. It promises to be BIGGER, FUNNIER AND LOUDER. Over 50 clowns from all over the world in 12 cities & 100 shows!


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You can also book us for your event on +91 9987082088 


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